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Community Friendly Park

Building Family Friendly Communities

Posted by Churchich Content Team Content on November 21, 2022

A community refers to a group of people who live together in the same area. These people share a sense of belonging and personal relatedness that enables them to support each other and their environment.

The basic unit of this social unit of constant interaction is the family. The family serves as the platform on which the radiant beauty of a community is unleashed over time by forming the nursery that will later populate and impart the larger community.

Knowing the importance of the family and its roles, architects and designers must make deliberate efforts, when building a community, to ensure that the community is family-friendly.

What Makes a Family-Friendly Community?


Though all communities are made up of families, not all communities are good places for families. A family-friendly community is a community that fully supports its children and adults, providing them with the appropriate facilities and resources they need to thrive. These include affordable housing, accessible school systems, proper transportation, parks health services, and safety.

Affordable Housing

A report by the U.S. Census Bureau asserts that 80% of the United States population lives in urban areas. Due to this high demand, there may not be enough suitable housing. This will ultimately lead to increased pricing of available properties, making it more difficult for families to afford. One way you can make your community family-friendly is by making affordable housing available. Another aspect of housing is the structure. Duplex and low-rise apartments are generally considered appropriate.

Accessible School Systems

A well-structured school in the heart of the city can serve as an asset for the entire community. By choosing to renovate an existing building to be a school, instead of a building on the outskirts, that building becomes the center of education for students, their families, and the community at large. 


Though many families are looking for a city with walkability, today’s cities have been developed around cars and easy transportation. Sidewalks, proper street lighting, road signs, speed bumps, and bike lanes are some elements you should consider to aid transportation.

Health and Safety

Facilities and services such as health centers, fire sprinkler systems, power generators, security departments, and water supply services must be key considerations to ensure that the community place is ideal for families.

Play Areas

City plans should include public spaces where families can relax and play together. These include a playground, sports field, turf, and so on. Incorporating open areas is essential to providing residents of all ages with the space they need to exercise, play, interact with friends and explore their community.

Let Churchich Recreation Do The Work For You


Building a family-friendly community is a good investment. The dividends include higher resident retention, long-term financial stability, and overall healthier living. Trust Churchich Recreation and Design to help you design the perfect recreational space for your community. Contact us today!.