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Shade Structure

Benefits of Shade Structures on Playgrounds

Posted by Churchich Content Team Content on August 4, 2022

What Are the Benefits of Shade Structures on Playgrounds?

With temperatures soaring while kids want to spend time at the local playground, it’s essential to provide the young ones and their guardians with plenty of shade to protect them from the blazing sun. 

Indeed, you can consider that a shade structure is as important as wearing sunscreen to safeguard your skin against harsh UV rays. But shade structures offer much more than mere protection against high heat.

Keeping that in mind, here are the main benefit of shade structures on playgrounds:

Reduce temperature

The most immediate benefit of shade structures is how they block out the sun to lower the temperature in your park. A cooler place will draw in more people and encourage them to stay and play.

Prolong the life of the equipment and structures

With all the money and effort that goes into designing and setting up a playground for your community, it would be a shame if it started to deteriorate, simply because you didn’t provide much in the way of protection. 

Remember that a shade structure will not just shield playground visitors. It will also protect the equipment itself against the unrelenting UV radiation from the sun, which causes colors to fade. Shades also prevent damage from rainfall and falling hailstones.

A shade structure attracts attention and demonstrates that you are looking out for the community

When individuals walk or drive past the playground and notice that you’ve set up eye-catching shade structures, they’ll know that someone has their best interests in mind, which makes everyone feel better about living in and participating in the community.

Keep playground equipment cool enough to touch and play on

 Your playground will be more comfortable during spring and summer, attracting more people to use it more often: The goal of community spaces like playgrounds is to encourage people to go outside, get plenty of fresh air, socialize and exercise to stay fit. 

But if a metal slide or other equipment isn’t protected by a shade structure, it will soon grow too hot to the touch, keeping kids from enjoying all of the hard work that went into setting up the playground in the first place!

Provide shelter during rainy days

When a sudden downburst pours water on your city unexpectedly, you’ll be glad that you installed some shade structures, since not only do they shield you from the blazing heat, they also protect you from the rain.

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Having to spend much time outdoors in periods of high heat can make going to the playground less appealing to children as well as the older members of their families and caregivers. It’s clear that kids deserve adequate protection against the heat. 

The team at Churchich Recreation and Design is proud of the excellent reputation we’ve developed in the North Carolina and South Carolina area. We are dedicated to promoting excellence in playgrounds and we welcome the opportunity to share our expertise with you. Our experts have years of experience helping communities, schools and home owner associations build playgrounds for local kids.

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