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6 Benefits of Natural Play in Modern Playgrounds

Posted by Churchich Content Team Content on September 2, 2022

When children are surrounded by a constant stream of screens these days, natural play can help them break up all that digital stimulation. For kids without daily access to streams, trees, and other types of natural landscapes, natural play in modern playgrounds can offer the same benefits to city kids as they do to their rural counterparts.

Six Benefits of Natural Play


Social Benefits 

Jumping from rock to rock, climbing, sliding: these activities are all interactive. They need to take turns and work together, all of which are necessary to help everyone in the playground have a better experience. It may look like chaos from the outside, but the reality is that children are learning incredibly important social behaviors. 


There are an infinite number of things to do when you visit a playground. Some problems for children to solve are relatively simple. For example, they may know they want to slide first before climbing on the rocks. Other problems require far more time and attention. (Getting through a rope course is certainly fun, but it also requires a lot of coordination and discipline.)


This is somewhat related to problem-solving, but there’s an important distinction to make. This is more than just getting the right answer, it’s finding an answer that works for the child who’s making all the decisions. A rock doesn’t always have to be climbed over. Maybe children will decide to use it as their home base. Maybe it becomes a makeshift table for an imaginary meal. Creativity and make-believe aren’t just for children. These are skills that adults need to imagine a different kind of world, so they can set about trying to make it a reality.


Environmentalism may be on the rise, but there’s still a long way to go to save the planet. Natural Play elements on a playground remind children of what’s out there. It helps them appreciate the real thing when they do see it. They can use what they learned in a playground to help them feel comfortable and confident whenever they encounter a new thing. This kind of early implanting makes it possible for them to become better consumers and protectors in the future. 

Reduced Stress 

A child who’s staring at a video game or YouTube channel may look fine from the outside. In fact, they’re likely trying to distract themselves from whatever else is going on in their life. It’s not always easy to pry children away from their beloved screens, but it’s necessary to reduce boredom and stress. Children can not only engage in natural elements on a playground, but they can see everything from plants to wildlife when they're outside. 


Natural Play is more than just a way to pass time. Parents and caretakers who want children to thrive need to show them how to take part in nature. Running, jumping, and climbing are all activities that help kids become more active. These kinds of lessons and habits can easily spill over into their adult years. It teaches them to appreciate their body (and all it can do), so they'll want to take care of it forever.

Churchich Recreation loves Natural Play. To learn more about Natural Play, visit our website and contact us soon for a proposal.