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People coming together to volunteer for a good cause

Spreading Kindness in Your Community

Posted by Churchich Content Team Content on September 24, 2021

Children are the future of society, so as parents, we naturally hope we raise our children to be kindhearted adults that care about others. While many parents don't realize how big of an impact they can make, ideas of kindness and goodwill are usually established by modeling behaviors early in life.

Kind acts can start at home, doing things like helping a sibling or setting the table, but as your child grows, it can be helpful to take random acts of goodwill gestures out into the community. Here are a few ideas.

Five Ways to Spread Kindness in Your Community with Your Kids


Plan Visits to Local Nursing Homes

Nursing home residents don't always get a lot of friendly visits from loved ones and friends. Therefore, many enjoy seeing people come by and visit or spend some time, and most of these individuals adore spending time with children. Talk to the advisors at any facility you plan to visit to find out about visitor restrictions and guidelines. Most nursing home managers can easily tell you who may be most thrilled to have a visitor. 

Raise Money for Someone in Need

Raising money for someone in need can help a child get excited about putting forth their own time and effort to help someone else. Encourage your child to pick a worthy cause, such as:
  • A local organization that helps the homeless, low-income families, or children in need 
  • A community area that needs something new, such as a playground that needs new swings 
  • A family that needs work done on their home, help after a fire, or financial assistance due to medical issues
Once your child knows who they would like to help, help them come up with a good way to make money on their own to raise funds. For example, you could help your child organize a bake sale, set up a lemonade stand in the neighborhood, or even sell something of theirs online. 

Volunteer Time at the Local Animal Shelter or Rescue Organization

Shelters in America take in about 6.5 million companion animals every year, and these organizations are often highly underfunded and understaffed. Most will accept help from volunteers in the community that have a little time and energy to spare to help with:
  • Walking dogs
  • Bathing intake animals
  • Cleaning kennels and holding areas
  • Feeding pets at the facility
If your child loves animals, taking them for volunteer shelter work is a good way to show them they can be kind to both animals and the community by offering just a bit of free time. 

Drop Off a Treat for Elderly Neighbors

If you have a few elderly neighbors in your community, get your child involved in either making them a treat at home, crafting them a gift, or even buying the senior a treat at the store. Elderly individuals are prone to loneliness and depression due to spending a lot of time alone. If you don't know elderly individuals in your community, check with local organizations that serve seniors in the community to find out if there is anyone who would appreciate a visit.

Offer Time at a Local Soup Kitchen 

For older kids and teens, volunteering at local organizations that feed people in the community can be an especially rewarding experience. Soup kitchens and churches that feed those in need oftentimes need helping hands to serve meals, wash dishes, and help clean up after meals are served. 

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